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    NOOB here. Jumped on the $99 650 deal the other day. I have been using a tungsten C for the last couple of years. Being new to the Treo game, what is the easiest way to get my info from Tungsten to the 650? Will there be software I get with the 650 to help me copy my tungsten c files to my 650? Or do i have to sit and beam info all day? Also, the GF will get a new 650 too and has an E2, i'm assuming that we will transfer info from pda to 650 the same way?

    Also, if i can get my tungsten info into the 650, i really wont need to sync my old phone (nok 6225) info to the 650, right, given that my tungsten and 6225 have the same info?

    THanks for all the help, i'll probably be posting more questions when i get the 650....
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    elegant answer!
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    thanks very much! i actually found that after i posted!

    Thanks again! exactly what i was lookin for.

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