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    is there some program that will let me create different beats with different tempos on palm os? I thought there was something like this??
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    You could try Bhajis Loops. You can use this to creates full songs, as well as beats.
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    Yes. I've used Microbe (from the same programmer). When I connected my Palm T3 to my home theater system, it sounded REAL good!
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    I can't tell you how many times I've used Microbe in a situation where I wanted to sketch out a quick beat or idea. I registered Microbe and it's really useful.
    I haven't used Bhajis too much, just because I use a desktop to compose my main work. As a sketchpad, though, Microbe is phenominal.
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    Is there anything that Microbe does that Bhajis Loops doesn't? Or is it just a bit easier to make beats?
    HP Pre 3 (UK)

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