Noticed a quirk when I am exiting Multiplayer Championship Poker from the SD Card on an unlocked Treo 650.

Specifically, I launch the application from LX (LX recognizes the application installed on the card). BUT, when I exit the Poker program, my Treo exits into the last open program.

For example, I will run Agendus. Then I click on 'Home' hardkey to get to LX. I will then run Poker. When I exit Poker using the exit command within the program (versus pressing the 'Home' hardkey), I do not exit back into LX but rather into Agendus.

I only have 1 program installed on the card, so I am not sure if this is unique to Championship Poker or if this is the case with all programs that are run from the card.

I can't recall this happening with the 1.1.1 version of LX.

Help is appreciated. Thx.