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    My Treo 650 has gotten worse... Initially it was caught in the reset loop.
    I tried hard reset and zero mem reset to no avail. Now the treo has gone into brick mode and shows no signs of lige at all:
    - No light from any LEDs, keys, or screen
    - No response to hard reset or soft reset
    - Unable to enter Bootload screen via sync button reset
    - Not recognized by computer (using hotsync, romtool, or USBtoSerial drivers)

    Has anyone been successful recovering a brick?

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    Before chucking it I would let it sit on charge for a while and give it a 2nd go. Ben
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    Take a brush and an air can to your contacts on the bottom of your phone. My bosses 650 had the same problems so I cleaned things up as it sounded like a short to me. His is working fine now!

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