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    OK, this is probably a really stupid question but I'm going to bite the bullet and ask anyway. Just downloaded AvantGo for the first time yesterday and I noticed from reading posts here, that lots of folks have FoxNews as one of their channels. The problem is--when I try to pull this channel up on the AvantGo web site it tells me the site is not found. They offer FoxSports, etc., but no FoxNews. Am I missing something here? Can I just set this up like a custom channel?

    I also noticed that some people have other channels not available on the AvantGo official list (like, for instance). How do you get these in the correct formatting, or do you just have to put up with them in a format that's messier? Thanks
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    Nevermind, I figured out the url for FoxNews' mobile site and entered it manually. Still don't understand why this channel isn't currently accessible through the AvantGo website though (they even offer a link to it in the "favorites" list, but the link goes nowhere).

    Any other good mobile-formatted channels which aren't listed on AvantGo's site?? It seems as though their selection is fairly limited. Already found The Onion.
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    Two that I like are: (enter your city, then print page in upperleft corner of web page. Then copy the URL to your custom Avantgo channel. (speaks for itself!)

    any other good CUSTOM ones you people are using?

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