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    Hope everyone still sees this, since the original "Sprint Retentions Rocks!" thread has been moved to the "CDMA-USA" section (?!- mods, why did you do this since it obviously relates only to stories of new 700p deals?!?).

    First of all, I have to really thank everyone on this forum for their great Retention stories, or I never would have had the hutzpa to go for the deal I got by calling retentions and completely bypassing regular Sprint CS. I had decided to hold off for awhile to upgrade, as I really didn't think I could afford to right now, given my particular situation. But, as I began following the various threads here, I found others tales to be truly inspiring, and also invaluable- making me decide to attempt to get what I wanted! It really is possible to get a fair shake with Sprint- and with a little luck in getting the right rep.

    Here's my story: First off, I have been with Sprint for about 5 years (actually longer, but left for a couple years to go to other networks), and spend about $80 bucks a month on a F&F family plan with my wife. I took everyone's advice here and called the *2 number, then said "Cancel", which indeed took me directly to the Retentions dept. (to a very nice lady named Julie in Orlando, FL). I took about the same tact as Big-Foot in the "So -how did I do with Sprint????" thread and simply told her that I was interested in upgrading both my own and my wife's phones- mine to a 700p and her's to a Samsung A900, but had had several contacts with CS prior to this call and was not happy with the offers received ($150 equipment upgrade= standard $399. price for a new customer, only a $75 equipment upgrade discount on a second phone). I stated that I was "concerned" Sprint didn't seem interested in keeping my business, and that while I liked the service and coverage of Sprint, I was really considering just "taking my business to Verizon" (the key words ), as I had visited a Verizon store last night and they were selling the 700p for $399.99 with discounts, and in fact had also offered me an additional $100. discount on top of that price in the store. I also said that they (VZ) were going to give me a Moto Razor ("which my wife really likes"- absolutely true) for FREE. Well, she was very polite (and I always maintained a very cordial, but assertive tone), remarked that "let me see what we can do for you", and came back a few minutes later (I assume after checking my account, etc.) with the following offer- no haggling, no argument, just straight out: "I can offer you the 700p for $249.00". This didn't seem to be quite as good a deal to me as some others here have gotten, so I asked her "what about the $150.00 "New for You" Equipment upgrade I am entitled to? (which I am eligible for at this time)- can you do any better?" Well, she wouldn't budge on the $249 price of the 700p, but then she offered to also just give me the A900 for FREE! She said that she was originally going to offer it to me for a "reduced price of $79.99", but had subsequently just decided to offer it for free; so she would give me both phones for a TOTAL of $249.00, plus FREE shipping (2-3 day), NO activation fee on either phone, plus NO TAX!! (she said of course that I would have to agree to another 2 year extention of the contract on both lines, which I had expected anyway and have no problem with).

    I told her I was VERY happy with this offer, and thanked her, then asked her if we could discuss my current plan. Long story short, after some short negotiations, she was also willing to give me the same 800 minute shared plan I have now, BUT with additional free N&W's starting at 7pm instead of 9pm, a $10.00 PowerVision discount on the $20 "PV Plus" plan on BOTH my primary and secondary lines(!!)- in essence making my PV cost only $10 month for me and $0 for my wife, FREE 500 text messages a month on BOTH lines, as well as free roaming and M-to-M (which as now both standard on all Family plans anyway).

    All in all, I am extremely pleased with the result, and can hardly believe that it was so effortless. I truly believe however, that the key was dealing with retentions, vs. regular CS, as many on this forum have attested to, and also the fact that I had been a Sprint customer for so many years (and always paid my bills on time).

    The phones should be here by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, and both my wife and I are very excited!

    Thanks again to all on this forum for your help!

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    Great post.

    I don't want to be a bummer, but my wife tried the a900, and the battery life is terrible. Wouldn't even last her a day between charges. If you read the posts on, many folks are complaining about this as well, with many units being returned.
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    If the battery doesn't last a day (especially without bluetooth on), then it's either you're in an area with weak signal, or you have a defective unit. My A900 gets at least two days with moderate usage on a single charge, a day and a half if I have BT enabled. Regardless, it's best to try the phone out for yourself. I was weary of getting the A900 myself because of all the issues i heard about, but I didn't have any of those issues with mine.
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    I wish it was either a defective unit or weak signal, but we even tried another unit, and we have VERY strong coverage here (I was even looking at the signal strength).

    My wife is a heavy user, and YMMV. Too many folks have posted similar problems with battery life. But hey, this is a Treo forum, so end of this debate.
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    TreoNeoPet: It's nice that they took care of you. Congrats.
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    Thanks for the info re: the A900 battery life. Will keep an eye on it when it arrives, but I don't anticipate it being a problem as my wife is not a heavy user (which could change fast with the new PV features/camera/picture mail/etc. she has access to now! :-). But I'm sure it will still be a BIG improvement over her old Sanyo 6400 she has now! I would imagine the reason the battery life on the Blade is potentially poor is because of its extreme thin-ness, but that is the reason she wanted the A900 to replace the 6400, as the 6400 was such a thin "candybar" phone.

    Will report back next week to let you all know how we like our new toys!

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    Most disturbingly titled thread ever.
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    (Please do not thank me - I find it scary)
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    I was trying to get the SERO plan but didn't have much luck as my contract was still intact. I talked to Helen for a while and got a very similar plan other than the minutes

    400 minutes $36
    Free NW beginning at 7
    Free Roaming and M2M
    $10 unlimited power vision
    500 free text messages.
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    Ditto here on no luck. Was in contract and basically bought the 700 at $550 (full price) and still pay $145 per month. What? Do i have a sign on me on something?
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    congrats. it was fairly easy for me to get 700p's from retentions at deep deep discounts and I was scoffed at here by a few.
    I got one direct from sprint retetntion for $300, no activation, no shipping and no tax (via a service credit on the tax)
    my second treo cost me $200 as I got it from palm for $550, no shipping no tax, with a dvelopers discount I singed up for five mintues before ordering. I thought the net cost would be $300 on the oen from palm as etetnion mentioned something about faxing the receipt if I bought it thid part to get the credits down to $300 but they never asked and simply applied another $350 in credits on that phone as well.

    sprint cost on this handset has got to be very low.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sir_mycroft
    Most disturbingly titled thread ever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sir_mycroft
    Most disturbingly titled thread ever.

    You just threw my mind COMPLTELY into the gutter.. It's actually kinda amazing that it wasn't currently there..
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    Quote Originally Posted by TreoNeopet
    [...]she was also willing to give me the same 800 minute shared plan I have now, BUT with additional free N&W's starting at 7pm instead of 9pm
    Just FYI, I went through a similar experience. On my current 800min shared plan my N&W start at 9PM, F&F is $5/100min over. When I asked if I could get the 7PM N&W the CSR said "Sure!"... but it would force my F&F into the newer terms of $5/50min over. That wasn't worth it to me since my primary line is the only one with 9PM, the four sub lines were already at 7PM. So like I said, just FYI; and as with any Sprint story YMMV.
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    sprint retention rocks i just got off the phone with sprint asking about a customer discount and here is what i got after 2 weeks of calling about diffrent issuses. each phone call resulted in my bill being lowered. after each phone call the rep would discount something different. Here is the end result.KEEP IN MIND MY MONTHLY BILL BEFORE ALL OF THIS WAS $230
    2500 min (shared) 99.99
    $5 roaming ( will work on that next week)
    $6 insurance (a must have )
    $5 voice command ( will work on this next week also)
    $15 unlimited internet -$10 credit
    $6 insurance
    $o edvo free
    $0 voice command free
    nights and week ends on both line start at 6pm free
    unlimited text message both lines free
    m-m both lines free
    on demand both lines get 2 services free ($4.99 each x 4)
    %10 employee discount both lines
    total bill $123.99
    not that is great according to me i still can get sprint to take atleast another $10 off my bill just got to figure ot how i can do it
    I got my palm pre on day 1 Treo 755p with sprint
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevante
    I was weary of getting the A900 myself because of all the issues i heard about, but I didn't have any of those issues with mine.
    I got my lady an A900, and she couldn't wait to get rid of it (she's getting a T650 now, might as well keep one charger for her and the kids). The A900:

    1) scratches easily
    2) is too small, leading to easy dropping
    3) is an EVDO phone not worthy of paying a monthly premium of $15 to try typing websites and texting with the numbers 1-9.
    4) wouldn't sync to Outlook (!)

    The more I tried helping her with this pretty yet near useless phone, the more I realized how terrible it would be to try going back to a regular "non-smart" phone. The Windows solutions don't appeal to me, so I really hope that Palm will finally get it's act together and fix up the lingering issues on the Treo line, rather than create several more in the process as they have with the 650 and 700p.

    As for the A900 - I'm just laughing that I paid $349 for it. Thankfully I have learned to purchase questionable technology like cell phones at retailers with generous return policies, it blunts the pain of trying to make reality align with the marketing hype.
    Treo 755s in good condition available on ebay for $50-$75. No need to pay for insurance or buy a Pre.

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