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    I have this application for my PC and is pretty cool , but how do you get it to work on a Treo 700P. It says you need LudasP which I have but still cant figure out how to get the command bar up with no Grafiti ???
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    Ok I got an answer for myself. The creator got back to me in like 2 minutes.

    You need to use Ludas P and make one key Cmnd Bar and thats it. This is a cool app . My son has been using it for almost 20 minutes.
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    @Mods/Admins: if you feel this post is too off topic or not suitable for here or whatever, feel free to delete it or move it or whatever

    Hi everybody,

    I'm the developer of Stressed!. I'm working on creating a "Treo Fix" to allow commandbar access on the Treo 650 and Treo 700p. I'm in contact, occationally, with a guy with a Treo 700p, so I'll be able to get help for him in regards to the Treo 700p (hopefully). However, I need help from whoever has a Treo 650 (or a Treo 700p if you really wanna help).

    I've attached a file, ButtonTest.prc, to this post. Install it to your Treo 650. Go into the program and press the menu button down, then release it. As you do so, you'll recieve at least 2 message boxes: one when you press the button down, and one on the button's release. For each message box, there will be 2 numbers, on 2 separate lines. Write down each set of numbers, as they are generated in each message box, in the order they appear and post them in this thread.

    Thanks in advance to anybody who can help me out.
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    On the 700p when I press down the menu button I get two numbers: 5645 and 261. When I release it, I get 261 and 0
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    Thank you dbarrett5381

    Now I just need the numbers for the Treo 650...

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