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    What's a good online retailer for purchasing a bluetooth headset?

    After testing out the JX10 at Best Buy $194 after taxes yikes! i am going to return it. But I don't know where a good place to get a headset online is. I DO NOT want a non US version of this headset. is the only one I can think of. Any other good places? Thanks!
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    I bought mine direct from Palm.
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    I have purchased five via the Internet. I now purchase at a local store, such as Radio Shack or CompUSA, doing so gives me the chance to at least test the fit. Ben
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    try Decent prices with very quick shipping.
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    Of the four that I have had were purchased/found online .Two via eBay (paid and shipped),a third bought via eBay but paid for in the store and another from a local store that had posted on craiglist,so I printed out the page and went to the store and paid there .I bought my latest via eBay (Plantronics 640) from Malcolm Wireless and then went to the store to pick up my item-I was very pleased,I will probably buy my next headset from them,great prices and a nominal fee to pick up the item myself.
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    Why not purchase from your very own Treo Central Store? You could've got your JX-10 for $99.95.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TR30
    Why not purchase from your very own Treo Central Store? You could've got your JX-10 for $99.95.
    Thats what I did. Ordered Wednesday, they (2) were shipped the next day (yesterday) and should arrive by Tuesday. This is my first purchase from the TC store, and I haven't actually received any of the items yet, but the pricing and ordering process were both top notch. Especially the shipping options which clearly showed when you should expect to receive based upon the different shipping options, along with the associated rates.
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    I just bought the Treo BT for $54.95 from the TreoCentral Store.
    I know it has had mxed reviews but I have yet to read a clear winner on this threads of one that works exceptionally well on the 700p.
    Besides you get a charger that works with the 700p which I was gonna buy anyway.
    We'll see.
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