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    I installed Good 4.8. I charge the battery to 100% at night, then unplug charger. Radio/EVDO/Phone is off. Good is OFF LINE. In AM, the battery is 68%. Today I opened up Good and checked "Status" and I see that there are 9 Sessions. They all say "Running" except for Session 5 says "Session error:0".

    Elapsed time since App started is 3 hrs-- (when I first opened Good this AM exactly 3 hrs ago, it cause a fatal exception so the elapsed time is the time I re-intialized Good since the last soft reset).

    So my theory is-- could these Good Sessions be running all night and using up battery life? Should they be running even though Good is off line? Why so? How to inactivate these sessions? Or maybe that Session 5 with Session Error 0 is a problem?

    To test the hypothesis further, I recharged the battery to 100%. I left Good running for a couple of hours (i.e. did not soft reset. Note radio/bluetooth/Infrared receive all OFF and Good OFFLINE). The battery drained at a few percent per hour!

    Then I did a soft reset, and recharged the battery to 100% and did NOT start Good. The battery was back to normal, not draining at all in several hours!

    Then I started Good. Saw msg "Initializing". Checked Status and saw Sessions 1-9 running (except same session 5 error), with elapsed time just a few seconds. Still OFFLINE and radio OFF. Now battery again draining at a few percent per hour!


    Thanks much!!!!
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    I get the "session error:0" as well, but mine always seems to be on the first session in the list rather than session 5.

    What are these sessions and what are they doing? Why do we need 9 of them, especially since the Verizon phones aren't even synching more than 4x/hour (plus new incoming/outgoing).

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