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    I had to do a hard reset and then a hotsync on my treo 650.

    After the hotsync, I lost almost no data. All the applications and data appear to be restored, except my ebooks I read with ereader version2.5.4f that came with the treo software.

    Any ideas of why this happened?
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    Is your hot sync set up to back those files up? If not, then they would be gone if left in main memory. Have you checked your backup folder(s) to see if copies might be there? I was not aware that eReader came on the Treo...

    I run Backupbuddy and have it to sync everything in main memory and only apps on the SD card, no data files, et cetera. Ben
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    I checked with the program filez, and it looks like the ebooks are in memory. But eReader is not recognizing that I have any ebooks.

    The other one I just realized is IBM java. If I look in filez I see some java files on the device. But it does not seem to be available from the laucher or available to run my java applications

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