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    I'm using Missing Sync and do not want to install Palm Desktop or Hot Sync Manager. About the 700p install CD on a Mac: when going through the install process initially, will it automatically install PD/HSM or will it take you to a menu of what you can install (including DTG, Audible, etc)? I'm used to the way an install CD would behave on Windows and am unsure about how Macs usually handle them.
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    probably can choose. but if not, you can very easily erase them afterwards
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    you can choose btwn easy install and "custom" install (click on next until you see the custom button at the lower left). this is common with most mac installers.
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    Actually, if I recall, the installer is only for Palm Desktop and the Hotsync Manager. The extras are in the form of .prc files which you can install with Hotsync Manager (or The Missing Sync, or Sync Buddy, or Bluetooth File Transfer). A few of the extras are just web links that take you to a page where you can download / sign up. You shouldn't have to run the installer program at all though, if all you want is the extras.
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    Do not install the Palm Software package if you have Missing Sync already installed. It will mess up your hotsync. If you want some of the software, just open the CD and look for the folder that says "Extras" or something like that and you can install what you want one by one. If you click on the installer icon, you will get everything and it will mess you up.

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