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    My green light's not flashing when my phone's on...EXCEPT when I get an alert (ie calendar alert, whatever)...then it starts to flash. Cacel the alert...and it reverts back to not flashing (no light at all).

    Anyone else experience this? Any ideas what to do to restore the light to normal operation?

    I don't have many 3rd party apps to create a conflct, and the ones I have are 'approved' for don't believe it's a conflict issue (although I'm certainly open to the idea I'm wrong).


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    If you are using the Treo from Sprint then it will not flash when your phone is on. I believe the Verizon does flash ...
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    Yup, its functioning as designed for sprint. Personally, I love it because you don't have to turn the screen on to see if u missed any messages/alerts
  4.    #4 it. Sort of a Butler-like feature... Well, I'm mostly glad to hear my 700p's not defective...and will have to live with this feature for a bit to see if I like it.

    Thanks AngryCPA and brichter21 for your prompt and helpful input!

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    Too bad they did not let us choose the behavior. Some like the flashing because they know if the Treo reset itself, the phone radio was ON.

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