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    A question to all you Treo experts out there. I routinely perform softboots on my Treo to make sure it keeps performing properly. All is running fine, but lately I have noticed that the soft boot process is taking longer to complete. It has not failed....just takes longer. I use "SoftReset" and after hitting the button on the sceen, you see the Palm1 logo and the line scrolls across the bottom and the keys light up. After this the screen goes gray and does not change until the phone app keypad appears. It used to be that the screen would pop up almost instantly. Lately it seems like it's taking 20 seconds or so before the Treo "comes alive". Has anyone esle experienced this? Is there a non-destructive way to make it boot fast again? I usually have between 15 and 16 MB free internal memory and use a 2 GB SD card. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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    Yes.. The more programs you have installed internally and the more programs you have on the SD card, the longer it takes.. I timed mine once..

    Without the SD card, it went from like 12s to 10s.. Then I moved ALL of my internal applications to SD card basically.. And the time went from 12s to 3s or something.
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    Yep and there are some that look at alarms and do fancy things like turn the radio on, take the garbage out, bunches of different things. Ben
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    Thanks for the feedback....will try your suggestions.

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