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    Over the last few years, I had a Palm Pilot and a WinCE device. During those years, I found a few programs for each that I liked very much. I just recently got a new Platinum, and would like to find equivalent software for it. I've tried searching on Palmgear.Com, but I find it nearly impossible to locate things on their site with string searches or just looking through the bazillion catagories they have. So I was hoping someone would know of good Visor programs like these...

    On my Pilot, I used to have something I think was called Launchpad, which allowed me to group applications on "tabs", rather than all on one screen. The thing I've found close to this now is called Launcher III, but it says it doesn't work on OS 3.5, so I guess I can't use that. I'm looking for something similar to the original Launchpad, nothing real fancy or expensive.

    I also used to have something that "defragged", or cleaned-up, the memory on my Pilot. Apparently, appications often left "holes" in the memory, especially when they were removed, and running this program seemed to free up more memory for use. Is there something like this for the Visor, or is this not a problem any more?

    When I had my WinCE device, I got something called ListPro, that allowed me to build various lists of things (I guess this is considered a type of database program?). I had a lists of presents to buy for various people, lists of DVDs and CDs I wanted to buy, lists of my wife's sizes for various types of clothing, etc. I could have description fields, price fields, check-boxes, and so on. Is there something like this for the Visor?

    Also, I'd be interested in knowing what everyone thinks is the best ebook/document reader for the Visor, and where you can find the most content for it.

    Anyway, I appreciate any help you folks can give me with these questions.
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    I can give you a few suggestions for a few of these.
    - For the Launchpad replacement, I think there is a program called Launchem that is a take off of the original LaunchPad. I'm sure someone else will chime in to verify this for us.
    - Memory framentation is no longer an issue for the Palm platform. It is now taken care of by the OS.
    - Try ThinkDB for the database type app. It is easy to set up and very flexible. I have been very happy with it (I use it to track my Ebay auctions) and it is free (the desktop integration pieces cost extra however).
    - I haven't used ebooks much, but I have heard people speak very highly of Peanut Reader. If you are looking for something to edit documents, check out Documents-to-go or WordSmith.

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    For lists I find that Handy Shopper is very useful.
    Might not have been what it was designed for but it works well
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    I'll put in another plug for Handyshopper. I think it fits the bill for the need you have described.

    In terms of doc readers, there are a number of excellent choices. CSpotRun is a very good program, it's freeware if memory serves. WordSmith is a great word processing program that intergrates well with MS Word and also doubles as a doc reader.

    In terms of content, I try MemoWare, for free content. I also like Fictionwise and Peanut Press, but most of their content requires you to pay for it. Peanut Press's program is also a good doc reader.
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    For lists, I've found ThoughtManager to be pretty on the money. It's really an outliner, so you get to have sub-items. Neat items include the ability to show check-boxes next to each entry and hide/show completed items, making it easy to see what's left to do from the list.

    (P.s. ThoughtManager is available as shareware from
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    You are correct sir. Launch'em is a direct decendent of Launchpad. It works very well. If you don't want to spend the cash try Launcher III both available through Palmgear.

    For List software I would highly recommend Shadow plan. Although it will do more than just create lists it is a very well thought out piece of software and has tremendous support.

    As far as DOC readers go, I go back and forth. I recommend a reader that allows you to autoscroll a pixel at a time. It just seems easier to track while you're reading. Try these:

    Wordsmith - good program, large size 300+ K, still has some bugs.

    CSpotrun - Free, no bookmarks
    Smoothy - 20.00, great reader, but 20 bucks is pretty steep.

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    I did already find Launcher III, but in the description for it on PalmGear, it says it can't be used with OS 3.5, which is what I have on my Platinum. So I can't really use this one, can I?

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