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    My search didn't bring up anything on a problem I've been experiencing: when connecting to the Sprint's Vison page, and sometimes when trying to open the link to a picture mail, I am prompted to download a file. Specifically, the download screen appears with:

    File: undef_
    From: http://vision/
    Size: 0.0K

    Whether I pick 'Yes' or 'No', I get the Browser Error pop-up window that says: 'Unknown Error. URL:

    I have to power-cycle the phone at this point in order to get a connection.
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    Same issue here, only if I am persistant I will eventually get to the url I am trying to connect to.
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    Maybe resco explorer file association fixer could help her. I dont have this issue its only a suggestion
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    I am having the same problem.. I had this occasionally on the 650 as well. I have now moved back to webpro 3.5 to avoid this. I tried resco and the associations are fine.
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