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    I would image a large percentage of the users here with Goodlink also frequently have to dial into conference bridges where you are given a 7 digit code as the pass code. Unfortunatley after I dial the bridge number the Treo goes to the phone application and I can't see the 7 digit code anymore, switching back to the Goodlink application, the dial pad no longer goes to the phone application so I can't dial in the code from the Goodlink application either. If I click on the passcode, it ends up trying to conference in the passcode as a phone number rather than sending it to the conference bridge. Any ideas on a possible solution other than writing the passcode on my hand? =P

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    This is one thing that I really miss about BlackBerry. When I did this on my old blackberry, I'd get a prompt asking me if I wanted to dial the extra digits. Press yes, and it would dial for you.

    This would be a fantastic feature if it could be added to future releases.
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    YES!!!! This is a much better feature on the blackberry, and sorely missed here.
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    You can set this up if you just have a few conference codes using your phone favorites.

    Goodlink doesn't support this, but neither does Palm's native contacts app. You need to use favorites
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