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    I think the b's have it. Excellent info guys. Hopefully, Justin checks back.
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    Palm tech help in India saved the day. Here is what he did, it's way beyond my skills but I'll impart the procedure for those who understand it.
    We went to Start>Run>Regedit>..then clicked the following folders...HHKEY?LOCAL_MACHINE>SYSTEM>CURRENT_CONTROL_SET>ENUM>USB> then he had me delete a folder titled VID_0830... or similarly titled.
    Whatever this does it solved the problem immediately. Thanks to all who took the time to chime in. I'm all set now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bclinger
    USB is handy but fraught with problems that run the gambit from cable to software whatevers.
    Not to nit-pick, but the issues are with the OS, not necessarily the USB spec. I never have USB issues on my Mac and Linux boxes. However, 9x/ME/2k/XP typically have all sorts of USB Issues - MS can't seem to program USB, Firewire, WiFi, or Bluetooth worth a darn. Installing Linux on the same box usually results in a great USB experience. Or on the Mac, the USB support is pretty much flawless.

    I used the same utility about a year ago with a problem I was having with an HP printer not being recognized. HP wanted to charge me for the information and utility. A bit of looking around on the Palm website took care of the problem.
    For those that want the technical perspective, these utilities typically remove the USB related registry entries. They (like most things in the Windows Registry) get corrupt with use. Then when Windows PnP rediscoveres the devices all are well.

    IMHO the registry is one of the most idiotic things in Windows. Way too easy to hide things, corrupt, and makes recovery much more complicated.
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    I have hit the registry several times and each time I do it with hesitation. I agree with you, it is just a bad way of doing business. Ben
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