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    You used to be able to by polyphonic ringtones on Sprint's content site.

    Now with Power Vision, I only see you can by MP3 like ringtnes of actual songs, with lyrics.

    Sometimes a melody is all you want, so not to be as intrusive whent he phone rings.

    Anyone know if there is a way to get these back to the Sprint store and why they took them away from being bought... or if they are stillt here for non power vision people?


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    Can someone help with this? I dont want a song.. just the old polyphonic ringtone.
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    I too am wondering about this... Verizon has great polyphonic ringtones like the Adams Family for instance. Anyone know how I can get that on my sprint 755P? Thanks
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    they're just midi files, you don't need to get them from sprint's website. Do a google search for whatever song you want and mid or midi and see what you come up with. If you browse to that .mid file from your actual treo it'll download and install it as a ringtone.
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