I FINALLY have my DBT-120 USB adapter working with Widcomm's 5+ drivers and my BTH-820, as well as the DBT-120 to Treo 650. It took a lot of uninstalling, especially of the previous failed installs of the drivers, but the wizard came up and we're off and running.

First, the good news; Syncing via bluetooth really isn't bad. After reading some complaints about the difference, I was a little concerned, but I didn't see a huge difference. Perhaps I don't have the sync-required amount of data that others do, but to have the ability to sync sans cable is nice. Now, I just have to remember to use the cable every so often to keep the T650 charged!

The bad news (and this IS non-Treo related), I can't get the darned BTH-820 to play in stereo from from my laptop. When XP sees the 820, it connects the headset and the controller, but the stereo headset never connects. When I try to reload the software, I get a note that an error has occurred on the install, but nothing else.

Anyone got any suggestions? I know that this isn't REALLY Treo-related, but the makers of the BTH aren't real good about answering messages.

Oh, and one final dream... hopefully the Softick gets SAG working with Ptunes and DRM files, soon. That's the one piece that's really missing for me to use the BTH-820 with my Treo as a music player dynamo.