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    I finally figured out how to map the Home button to the Hi-Launcher designed Start Menu, but when I use the center dpad button to make a selection, the press actually fires on the underlying app. For example, if I'm on the Phone screen and the Contacts shortcut is highlighted, pressing the center button fires the Contacts button, ignoring the fact that the Hi-Launcher menu is up. If I use the stylus to select the menu option, it works properly. Anyone have an idea what I should do??

    Updated: If I use the right side of the dpad to make the menu selection (rather than the center button), it works properly.
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    I use "Hold-right" to bring up the menu. Then I can navigate to my selection, and press center to select.
    Bill Petro
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    Bill - can you explain what you mean by "I use "Hold-right" to bring up the menu"?
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    In Hi-Launcher > Menu Trigger >

    1. Hard button press
    2. Pop-up on press-and-hold only

    The press the "right arrow" on the 5-way.
    Bill Petro
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    Ok, so that means that you don't use the Home button to execute, right?
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    The right-button merely brings up the Hi-Launcher menu.

    Thereafter, once I've navigated to the desired item, I press Center to select.
    Bill Petro
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    I use hold-home on my 700p. Works great.

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