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    Well, this is the only work around that I have found, it may be a bit pathetic, but it has worked for me like a charm so I figured that I would share.

    If anyone is getting the SMS application locking up after sending a Text message etc this is a work around that I found:

    immediately after pressing the send button in the text message app, press down on the center pad (not center button!) 1-3 times, that is it. I have had success with only pressing it 1 time, but need more people to test also to see if it will work for them as well.

    I have tried this since last night and have sent close to 60 text messages while testing it. If anyone that is having the SMS lock up issue please test this with me and verify that would be great.

    I know this is a pathetic thing to have to do with a $600 phone, but it has complete solved my SMS frustrations.
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    I have the same problem. It locks up and then I usually have to reset it to get the dang thing to work. Recently I have been hitting the powerbutton after texting and that seems to help.
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    I'm not having any of these lockups after sending a text fortunately. Thanks for posting this, if it happens I'll know now.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    I don't have any sms lockups...and I have a db of ~900 text mesSages (both sent and inbox)

    my bet is that one of you guys' sms database is corrupted.

    either try running a fresh db or delete and reinstall it. see how it works out
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    I have done both and neither have worked for me. I thought it might be addressed in the updater whenever they put it out.
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    Trim81 is right , i send about 100 txts a day and have no problems, with it, i had the same problem you guys are having with my 650 and it was due to a corrupt msg database, i had to do a warm reset and delete the msg db and that cleared the whole problem.
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    I have had this problem since I got the 700p and sent 3-4 messages fresh, I know that I am not the only one that has had this issue. You think all of our DB are corrupt? If so, do I need to do the steps in order that you said, and also clear the DB file in the backup folder?
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    what is the center "pad" if it's not the same as the center "button"?
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    and FYI, the only way I've found to solve this problem is to delete the txt messages. However, once a thread reaches about 40 messages, it happens again. then with each message after that, the delay gets longer and longer. To save my txt's, I copy them to the clipboard and paste them into a Memo. It takes a while but at least they are saved. FWIW, I'm on VZW with my 700p.
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    I have a better work around - immediately after your text message is sent and before it gets network feedback (that moment the text is still grey), hit the home button to exit out of the SMS application. You can then go back into SMS without the lockup. I am on Verizon and have had this problem since day one. I have a working theory that the lock up (which doens't always happen) is somehow related to the return signal that confirms that the message has made it onto the Verizon SMS system (when the text turns from grey to black) and/or the similar acknowledgement that your receipt has been confirmed (the little green check you get when you send to another Verizon subscriber). I tend to have this issue more often with other Verizon users than non Verizon users, so I think its a Verizon speficic carrier issue. And it sucks.
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    IS this a Verizon only problem? I am on Sprint and this does not happen to me. I wonder if it's happening to the Sprint Treo 700p as well as Verizon.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Mine is a verizon Treo 700p as well, so might be carrier related, but why wouldnt other phones see this issue as well?
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    I think that this is a Verizon-only issue and I suspect that - as I wrote earlier - it relates to the signal that Verizon sends back to the phone to "let the phone know" that the SMS message has successfully entered the system, and that the recipient on the Verizon network has received the message. I don't think I get the "SMS Delay of Death" when I send messages from my Verizon phone to a non-Verizon recipient.
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    mine is a verizon model and I'm having the problem...
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    I get the problem about 70% of the time when I send an SMS to another Verizon customer. It is not suprising this is a Verizon-only issue as different carriers probably handle the coding nuances of message confirmations differently. Based on what I have decyphered through various threads here at Treo Central I think we have established this as a Verizon-only issue.
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    the only time i notice a lock's when i'm sending out a sms the same time i'm receiving one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yeah yeah
    the only time i notice a lock's when i'm sending out a sms the same time i'm receiving one.
    You - and other posters on this issue - always need to clarify who your carrier is and who the carrier of the recipient of your text message is. If you aren't using Verizon, and if your recipient isn't Verizon you MAY not see this issue at all. For those of us who do alot of Verizon-to-Verizon text messaging this is a huge issue.
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    I have not tried a SMS outside of Verizon, all of my text are to verizon customers from my verizon, I will try sending one to someone out side the network and see what happens.
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    Same here... I'm always texting VZW people...
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    well, I took my 700p back today and got a brand new one, when I told them what the issues were they said it was a defective unit, so they said to give me a new one, I get it back and what do you.....same exact issues as before, even SMS locking up. I call them and they say come to the store and they swap out to a 650, credit my account the difference, then when the 700p issues are resolved by Palm, I can bring come back and get the 700p and pay the difference between the 2 phones. I am now confused, does palm and verizon know that they have issues with these units? Man my head hurts lol
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