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    So I just went to call someone and they weren't in my contact list anymore. Did some investigating, and found that somehow my hotsync was set to computer overwrites handheld for outlook section.

    I guess this means that it copies the outlook contact database on the computer over the one in handheld. Duoh!

    The good news is that the call log has many of the names and phone numbers I need to put back in. The question I have is, how do I do this without re typing everything. If I click on Joe Blow at 555-1212 from the contact list, can I get it into the database without having to do a manual entry of both name and phone number? I tried to call Joe and I was hoping at the end of the call it would ask if I wanted to enter it into the contacts, but no such luck.

    Thanks for any help.
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    Install TakePhone, call up History, select the call in question, select Details and then Save. You can then Create a complete contact, with Name and Number - no additional typing required on your part.
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