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    I am a new Treo 650 user and need help from the experts on this forum. Yesterday, I updated my unlocked GSM Treo 650 from 1.13-APR to the new 1.20-APR official ROM. The update went smoothly. I did a clean update, i.e., did a hard reset first, installed the update, then manually re-installed all applications I was using. However, after the update, whenever I use Blazer to browse the web, the treo reboots. Blazer launches fine, but crashes while browsing or when I am using some of the menu options. It was working fine before the update. I also noticed that even Quick Tour crashes the phone after the update. I have not installed any new applications - using the same ones I was before the update. The crash log (#*377) shows cause of error either as Fatal Exception or "emul68kmain.c line:438, line 1010 exception at address 73065328". Tried clearing the blazer cache but no luck. Please help!
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    I believe the emul68k.prc file is to allow legacy applications to work on the treo. Why don't you hard reset and install your 3rd party apps one by one, testing the treo after each. Maybe you find the culprit that way.
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    Hi Candela,

    Thanks for this. I did what you suggested and it seems there were two culprilts - TextPlus and kblightsoff. Blazer does not crash (at least till now) after I have deleted these two apps from my treo. Surprisingly, both of these were working fine before I updated to the 1.20 ROM. Now to find some other apps that provide similar functionality. Any suggestions?
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    The reason for the crashes is down to the more aggresive NVFS memory management present in the update and particularly when using Blazer. The two apps you removed are 'memory resident' and they unexpectedly got moved about in memory causing the crash in Blazer. Newer apps can handle this, or you could try locking them in memory - see RescoLocker et al - though I wouldn't bother myself.


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