Does anyone have any information on when CompUSA will have the 700p available? I have a failing 600 with a CompUSA replacement plan (TAP) and took it in for replacement. As they didn't have the 700p and I need my phone, I was prepared to accept a replacement 650 and then trade the 650 for the $150 back from Palm for a 700p. The problem is, the store (Mesquite, Texas) had just shipped back all Treo 650s at manufacturers request last week.

They say they have 700p's on order and the return of the 650's (which I was told affected all stores) certainly sounds like a preparation roll out of the 700p's, but I can't get an answer on when they will be in. No one at ComUSA who I've talked to knows. The clock is ticking... my TAP expires 7/1 (not to mention the fact that I can hardly use my 600 right now). Any information will be greatly appreciated.