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    I recently upgraded my Cingular Treo 650 for a 700p (verizon).

    I'm happy with the line, the quality has been better, with better coverage in MA, and good data, although, not near the 400-700 mark, more like 200-300.

    But thats not my problem.

    I got the treo from the Palm Store. 1350min(79.99/month)+Unlim. Data(30/month)= 109.00/month.

    I didn't see any family talk plans on the palm store, so I figured I'd add it later.

    I login on and try to add a line, it wouldn't let me, said I had to call. So I did.

    They tell me I have to switch to a family talk plan(which I expected...) to 89.99 for 1400min/month, NO Problem, Fine by me...

    Then comes the sucker punch. They tell me I have to pay 15 dollars more a month for the same exact unlimited data plan on my origninal line.


    The guy had no good explanation of why I should pay 45 bucks for the same plan I am payin 30 dollars for now.

    If there is a legitimate reason for this, like the data plan can be shared...please let me know

    Otherwise, it looks like palm and Verizon tag teaming me for the old bait and switch routine.

    Just wanted to warn the Community Verizon is charging people 15 dollars extra a month for the same exact data plan, just because you want to give them more business by adding a family talk line!

    They wouldn't give me a free phone that they were advertising online either, even when I explained the website wouldn't let me add a line, online.

    I said forget it and hung up PO'd.

    I would have went with sprint, but I have friends in the area who are unhappy with their coverage.

    Any advice would be much aprecciated, and please spread the word, so that people who want a 700p and a family plan will know they are getting ripped off by Verizon
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    Unfortunately it seems news of Verizon's exploits have already reached far and wide here. I don't care how good their coverage is.... their plans are obscenely expensive for what you get... and they seem to favor punishing customer loyalty and added business rather than rewarding it. It is unfortunate that it seems in some areas people have no choice when it comes to a CDMA provider with decent coverage.
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    You orginally had what verizon calls a "bundled" plan where they discount the data, but if you move from those plans (I think there is 3) you have to pay the full price for data.
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    Nearly everything with Verizon is a ripoff.
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    Thanks for the input.

    I'm happy with the service, although the data is faster then what I was getting with Cingular, its not as fast as advertised...

    And I'm actually paying less then what I was with cingular,

    I think the principle of paying 15 dollars extra a month for the same exact data plan, when I want to add a line is nonsense. Why penalize family talk customers?

    Then the free phone not being available when I called because I couldn't add a line on verizon's website just really turned me off.

    What about their "Worry Free Guarantee"

    I know I'm repeating myself, but my only option is to complain somewhere or just pay for it.

    This is not what I expected when I signed up.

    Sorry for venting but I feel if enough people complained and publicized this unfair business practice, instead of just caving in and paying @180 dollars/year extra for the same exact plan they would listen to their customers.

    If anyone has any practical advice on plans, customer relations numbers, etc. please post them. Thanks Again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noodle
    If anyone has any practical advice on plans, customer relations numbers, etc. please post them. Thanks Again.
    Switch to Sprint?
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    I am in a similar boat. All we have here is Verizon or Alltell. What a choice. So I go with Verizon. The part that erks me off is I pay the grat price of $45 but we only have 1xRTT here no EV-Do with no hope of getting it soon. So I pay the same as anyone out there whos has EV-DO. The reasonong when i ask is that if I travel to EV-DO land I will be able to use it for no "extra charge". How sweet. I do travel alot so I try to use my plan to it's fullest to get mine I guess when I am aroung EV-DO. Anyone else sick of being nickle and dimed to death by these companies? If my car cost me this much a month (don't even start on gas) I would scrap the thing. I have written letters until I am blue in the face and yet have ever had a response. I guess it's the American dream to let these companies screw us until we bleed. Sorry for your dilema but I guess we just get to come here and B***h.

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    I've been a Verizon customer for 5 years and have found them to be very responsive. you just need to get to the right rep - ask them to get a supervisor if they can't help. It also helps to be nice - they get enough grief us I prefer to make it a pleasent experience for both of us.

    Good luck

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    I just wrote verizon an email through my online account asking them to honor their "worry free guarantee" and not penalize me for switching my service and giving them more business, as well as some other requests.

    I'll post their reply.

    Hopefully they will do the right thing and honor their customers business.

    Otherwise my 15 days aren't up yet...
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    thats definitely interesting. I know they charge an extra 15 dollars onto the normal data plan to add the tethering feature to use your 700p as a modem. I wonder if thats what it is? id ask them.. if thats the case and you have no intention of tethering tell them so. thats the only thing i could think of.

    EDITED* actually i Re-read what you wrote. ignore my post lol.
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    Still no response after 3 emails, They won't budge over the phone.

    I still think its wrong to lose the promotion, if they want to call it that when I'm adding more business.

    Plus, at least give me the free phone advertised on the website when I add a line, geesh, they are really knitpiccking.

    I only have 3-4 days left untill 15 days are up. I would switch to sprint, but I have friends in the area who are not happy with their reception or data.After bad reception on cingular I don't want to chance it, VZW may be Expensive, but my reception/data has been great.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed and if I have to, there is always the BBB.
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    The BBB will gladly forward your complaint to Verizon. They don't actually do anything. You should cancel the plan and return the phone while you're in the 15 day trial, otherwise you're completely at the mercy of Verizon. They might give you a better deal if you come in as a completely new customer instead of just adding a line.

    Honestly, you'll end up kicking yourself for the next 2 years if you don't cancel the service while you still can. You already sound like a dissatisfied customer, and if Verizon's customer service leaves you annoyed now, imagine how pissed you'll be 6 months from now when you're overpaying and stuck overpaying for another 18 months. $15/monthx24 months= $360.
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    All of this over $15/mo? Come on... remember, you get what you pay for. $15/mo. seems like peanuts to pay for a better network and far better coverage.

    I've had Sprint. I've had Cingular. Cingular sucks the most, Sprint sucks less, but Verizon is the leader when it comes to coverage and great network. I can count on one hand the number of times a call was dropped on my end in the past year. Cingular claims "least dropped calls" which is a crock -- true, they may not technically "drop" the call but most of the time you can't hear each other so you end up hanging up, which to me is worse than a dropped call because you continue to be charged for the airtime.

    Stick with Verizon. You'll be happy in the long run and when you can make calls in areas nobody else can.
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    After you answer the most important question being about coverage, and if it is good...switch to Sprint. Verizon sucks...
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    Thanks for the input everyone, and Sonny: I am happy with the coverage, it has been great.

    Its not so much the 15 dollars, but the principle, that I'm paying more a month for the exact same service because I'm giving them more business?

    I hear you, and after the nightmare with cingular's coverage I don't mind paying for the great coverage.

    Its just the principle is nonsense, but yeah, the coverage is great.

    Thanks again for putting it into perspective.
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    To add...I can't remember and don't feel like doing a search, but somebody I got into a debagle with about the government not permiting Verizon to have any anolog towers and having to upgrade is bugging me...which is what holds that great network together. My sisters Razr sucks on the verizon network since the razr is all digital handset and from what I remember, isn't the Motorala Q all digital. Sprint's network is all digital built from the ground up and is getting better along with their better plans. How long can Verizon gouge their customers masking behind the marketing toon of a large network of inconsistant technologies and old towers possibly causing brain cancer. Thats probably why Verizon charges so pay for the upgrade of the old analog part of their merged cellular companies from old.
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