here is he deal /two treos/treo 650 1.15 CNG hardware A/treo 650 1b.17 CNG hardware B/ bluetooth headset HT820/sandisk 2gb/ the 1.15 treo works great have alot of software/ the problem I'm having is getting the 1b.17 to recognize the card after a soft reset I must put the phone in quite mode /screen black/undock the card reinsert and be patient for it to popup I have done everything from building the card with new format to new phone to syncing the new phone to a laptop from scratch to removing all software one by one/ nothing anybody know what's up

oh by the way I have two treos with new rom and both suffer the same recognition issues with only 2gb sandisk no problem with a 1gb sandisk in the new roms reset 100 times 1gb comes up every time

--------------------------------------------------------------------------list of apps zlaucher.agendus pro. verichat. pockettunes pro. pdanet. chatter. snapper ent. diddlebug. mobitv. card export. docstogo8003. busker. splashphoto. grxviewpro. bugme. calender notes. palmary clock. tcpmp. mmplayer .mobilplay. glimmermail. dirassist. video jigsaw. xiino webviewer. opera. audible book. genius. 4cast. rescoviewer. today. butler. phone technician. destaller pro. powerrun. hilauncher. flyzip. volume care. mediamngr. textplus. mobilewrite. shark message. cleandata. pref doctor. mini cleanup. audiogateway. tealmaster. crash pro. btmute. dalauncher. handzipper. backupbuddy. and lots of games on card two movies lots of music docs pics books and apps pls help oh I know the developers must love me thx john

--------------------------------------------------------------------------one more bit of info 9.5mb of memory on device also treid to fix issue by removing all the files out of rom that are not needed in one of the new roms. realplayer. versamail. getgood. getmail. all but english as language did not help the new edited rom works just like the unedited rom not recognizing the 2gb card all the time after soft reset


along the same line on the new cingular phones unless I set blazer to a custom proxy ie disable cookies clear cache on xt put 8mb memory limit and use only for mobile sites then both new phones with the cingular rom build cookies like cache going up and up on kb and upon xt of blazer resets my phone and bam no card recognition even with the new phone that I custom rom put the new fast blazer disable cookies and set proxy unless I do that I get the same result on the new blazer in fact when I goto avanced pref it shows cookies at 0 and no # appears after cache at all not even a 0 but works fine and remembers my login info to mobile sites even with cookies disabled I would think maybe a error with custom rom but I made no errors and the other new phone with the cingular brand rom does the same thing build cookies like cache till reset and no card recognition thx john