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    Having decided to go back-to-the basics with my Treo,
    I fired-up World Clock after a long time. Now, pushing any
    button (within World Clock) results in a "Fatal Exception"
    and a reset.

    Any clues why this happens? I've tried soft and warm
    resets but this behaviour does not change (ie. resets every

    I know, I will ultimately get to a point where I'll do a hard
    reset and try it out, but is there any way I could delete
    something, maybe preferences or some files or anything before
    I do that.

    Google is very un-helpful here, especially with common terms
    like "clock", "world", "reset", "fatal", "exception", "Treo" & "palm"

    Yeah, the "Network Time" option is off...

    - mvk
    Game over!
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    similar thing happens to me...

    when i'm in either calendar or tasks and click the phone button to exit (only the phone button) my treo crashes... never fails.

    so i have to resort to exiting those apps by clicking the home button or my sms or email button.

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