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    I just received a Palm wireless keyboard to use with my T700p. After I installed the new driver for it, I was amazed to see how poorly the keyboard navigation and key control maps to the T700p. Anyone else seeing the same?
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    ...not the fault of the 700P. My Palm Wireless keyboard behaved exactly the same on my Treo 650. You need to keep the CMD key held down and work the arrows to emulate the 5-way navigator on the Treo.

    Mine works great on the 700P as it did on the 650. Make sure you download the latest driver, upgraded June 2, 2006 I believe, from the website.
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    Posted this in another thread as well...


    I've been watching all the threads on this subject for a while and finally got the Palm Universal. I, too wanted to be able to use a bluetooth headset when I was usin the keyboard. Anyone know how to hack the driver for this thing? I DESperately need a {cmd lock} so I don't have to use two hands to navigate. I don't have to do that on the unit itself, why would they design it in to the keyboard????

    Is there a way to request that feature from Palm (yeah right!) somewhere?

    Also, using Avantgo and a few other apps, the key command to go Back is menu -V, home is menu -H etc. When I use the combo on the keyboard, it closes the open menu but otherwise does nothing...

    I'm Seriously thinking of hacking up my old plugin Treo 600 keyboard, fitting the new connector on there and trying the old driver...Any thoughts on that one?

    Seems to me that a non powered, plug in keyboard would be a no brainer! The 700p is on the stand anyway! Why couldn't it just plug in!?!?!

    Apologies on the rant, but it's rather disappointing to see technology go just...BACKwards for no apparent reason...My old Treo 600 keyboard was great that way. No batteries. Easy navigation. Thinner package. Still going strong...

    Thanks for listening and any thoughts welcome.
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    I'm with you on this one. I had the keyboard for my 600 and it was SO solid. This Palm Universal Wireless one works decent some of the time, but I'm pretty disappointed overall. I often notice 1-2 second delays or the first key I type, not being recognized (and that really sucks when the first key is either the CMD or FN keys). I would love to see a hardware, non battery version. I was hopeful of using the rotation software to view my Treo in landscape and listen to music while I type, but I have yet to get the two to cooperate. I'm pretty sure Belkin was the manufacturer of that original Treo 600 keyboard, think we could get them to make a new one for the 700P?
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