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    I know that when trying to send a txt msg you can just start typing the name and it should autocomplete....however that doesnt appear to be working on my unit. Should I delete Goodlink or is there some other setting that can be changed such that the messaging app can read the Goodlink contacts list?
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    GoodLink does not use the Treo native databases, so the auto-type from the today screen does not have the added functions. We are working on changing that, though I don't have a time frame.
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    It would be great to have a fix from Good. But can't Palm make a fix as well. I had Good on my Treo 650 and I thought when you'd select the "To" drop down one of the options was "Look up contact" or something like that. I lost my 650, thus the new 700, so I can't confirm that's how it worked, but I'm pretty sure it did.

    Why did Palm take away that lookup option. Now it's a total hassle to send an SMS to someone you haven't sent one too yet.
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    yah, the 600 with good had the lookup option. i miss that option terribly. i'd either like to see it back, or see it changed so that autotype works for good.
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    I miss that too
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    I've wanted the "Look up contact" feature of SMS back and I thought GOOD was getting in the way.

    I used FileZ and changed Creator from "Padd" to "Pad2" -- that did restore PALM native contact app - yeah! (and Home key first goes to Apps not Good)

    However, Look up contact was still not back. I was bit miffed until I got to thinking, maybe just maybe, we're a bit too hard on Palm (okay, not!) - anyway... Palm did not take it away - they just made it better.

    When you are in SMS (Messaging) - just start typing the name and the app starts matching from your address book (should have RTFM - page 146 and 147).

    hmm! wonder if it worked even before I changed GOOD Creator?

    p.s. it does not matter how you set the phone dial - Typing dials phone number or Typing starts Contact search
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    Ok, I do like how you can type the name and it pops up...but I want to be able to scroll through all of my list at times so i can send text to more than one person but i forget they are on my list.... so without "look up contact" is there away to scroll through all the names????

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