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    I declare that I shall take a step towards the aforementioned 700p whence I confirm its ability to synchronize tasks and contacts with Microsoft's Exchange server.

    Is this true?
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    No tasks yet, but now it syncs contacts as well as calendar and email. I set it up today and it works like a charm.
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    Exchange Activesync (the OTA sync to an Exchange server) will sync mail, contacts, and calendar on the 700p.

    It does NOT sync notes or tasks.

    As much as it's blasphemy, you might want to consider the 700w. With DirectPush (free in Exchange 2003 SP2!) you will get everything synced in an ongoing realtime fashion. As much as I haven't been a big WM5 fan, DirectPush keeps calling me...

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    mr president welcome back. your absence was noticed.

    too bad this it doesnt look like you will stay around now that you got the answer you were looking for.
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    That is too bad. I shall engage Sprint and Palm to lodge a complaint on this matter.
    I was large and in charge!

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