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    I get a serious lag when I click the hang up button when making a call (which is ironic if you ask me) but it drives me crazy b/c I'll hit it 3-4 times and then it will hang up and call my voice mail.... very annoying...
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    Quote Originally Posted by copernicus
    Does everyone who has the long lags have a card installed? I have only nine third party apps installed with no card and notice no lag whatsoever. The other day I saw the lag on another 700p (the person said he had 90 apps installed) so I am assuming he had a card as well. We tested the two 700ps side by side and his was clearly slow. I am wondering about the card because it seems that most everyone that has this lag also seems to have mentioned a card. This is a bit too obvious so I suppose I am wrong?

    I have the lags too; but one thing I noticed is that when it goes from the sd card to the application (by tabbing) there is no lag but there was on the Treo 650.
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    I'm starting a new thread about the possibility of the SD card causing lags in the phone app....
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