I post a while back a question about the capability of Versamail using ActiveSync. The question was "Can Versamail sync more than just the Inbox when using ActiveSync?"

Nobody seemed to know.

I know have a 700p and have given it a try. It still cannot. So, if you have subfolders to your inbox that you use server side rules to automatically sort some of your incoming e-mail into, Versamail will hinder you in that regard.

On a positive note, the ActiveSync does work well. I've also found that on my Verizon version, it is the only e-mail client that can listen to wav files that my phone system creates out of the voicemail and e-mails to me. Verizon Wireless Sync e-mail and SnapperMail both cannot play these wav files and it seems none of the built-in apps can play wav files either. Just Versamail.

Hope this helps somebody!