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    I've had this problem since Day One when I got my won't detect the SD card. I am sure the hardware is ok. I only have City Time and eReader loaded. Everything else is as they were from the factory. Anyone have this problem? I don't have this problem with my Tungsten E so not sure what's happening.

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    No idea myself, but you might try searching because I think I've seen 50 threads with a similar title.

    Good luck!
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    I've had it not work at times. Sometimes the contacts on the card are dirty, sometimes it's just the Treo being flaky. I usually try popping the card in and out a few times, and then a soft reset. Usually with a bit of fidgiting I can get it to work.
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    Sometimes the 650 will not like a card that was formatted by another device. I had one I had used om my Tungsten E and the 650 hated it. Bought a brand new card, popped it in and voila, no problems.
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    Yer give it a format on your pc and try again.
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