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    My treo 700p has been giving me fits, so I did a hard reset (after synching one last time). I then renamed the backup folder to backupold.

    Next I re-sync the 700p. The only things I wanted from the old instance was the calldb, messagedb and the favorites button. So I copied them into the new backup folder, overwrote the ones that were there, but it will not load them into the 700p. Anyone have ideas how to get them on there?


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    You can either double click on those files so the Quick Install will install them for you just like you were installing new files or you can change the pref on your hotsync so your PC overwrites phone.
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    I will try that thank you
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    well that worked thank you very much.

    But my try this fix theory did not work lol, still locking up and giving white screens and laggy
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    Do you have an SD card in the SDIO slot? I sometimes I get the lag also and noticed that when I remove my SD card it isnt so bad.
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    yes I do, a 2GB Scandisk, I tried taking it out, granted not for that long, but I did not see a difference. I will take it out and leave it out for a bit and see what happens.

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