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    I was linking up my Nokia8290 and my Visor for the first time, and it worked quite well. However, I had a bad disconnect, and now, everytime I go into my network, I get

    "Network Error - The network library is not available"

    Help! How do I get my network prefs screen back?

    "the BAND!"
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    I've had that problem while using my Minstrel S. It usually resulted after a fatal error and the Visor would not soft reset despite a few taps of the reset button. I would have to press the up button and the reset button at the same time.(A warm reset, I think.) But doing this bypasses other files which are loaded at startup, including the Network Library.

    After going through this I've found that there is one program preventing the system from starting after a soft reset. This program must be found and deleted before a soft reset can be completed successfully so that all startup files, including the Network Library, can be loaded.

    It's basically trial and error, but I usually start with EVPlugBase and associated hacks. This sometimes does the trick but other programs have been culprits, as well.

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