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    Tearing my hair out here.... wondering if someone can help.

    I use as a hosted exchange 2003 supplier and then I use the Treo 650 and Agendus Pro.

    Absolutely frustrated at how I can get Contacts linked to meeting to sync across from Outlook to Treo.

    At best if I attach a contact in Agendus on the Treo when it syncs back to Outlook it carries the name of the contact in [] square brackets but it doesn't translate across to the outlook contact form.

    I really really do not want to have to go back to Windows Mobile but this lack of intergration is madness.
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    I think Agendus won't allow this integration because it uses the Palm PIM at it's core. You may need the PIM that emulates Outlook, but I don't remember the name.

    I'm also that sure if this PIM I am thinking of will sync to an Exchange Server.
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    Hi - yes Chapura's KeySuite or DataViz's Beyond Contacts do it I know but as they use their own data sets you can not sync wireless via Versamail.

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