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    try this.....install the IR fix from palm and see if that speeds things up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2smart4phone View Post
    try this.....install the IR fix from palm and see if that speeds things up.
    Didn't do anything for me. Still long delay after editing contacts.
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    HELP - Anyone know what's causing this?

    My contacts are getting corrupt. I've tried everything that I can think of:

    1. DB Scan - found/fixed most critical errors
    2. Filez - Identified that some Contact entries are 23,000 KB in size and should be around 100 or up to say maybe 1000 kb if really huge set of notes.
    3. I've flagged those huge ones, and looked deep inside them using filez and found they have other files meshed into them from other I know they are corrupt.
    4. I've deleted and re-keyed those on the desktop and then forced a desktop overwrites handheld and it fixes it. (Temporarily)...then some of those become corrupt again..seems random...can't find a common reason so far.

    Not using much 3rd party software and none of it would impact contacts.
    Not interrupting hot sync

    I called Palm and spent an hour and still no answer...they don't even have ANY RECORD that there is even a Maintenance Release being discussed at Palm and the rep checked with her supervisor. What a pitiful situation!!!

    I've looked at hundreds of posts about contacts corruption and included a link to one below and tried the things listed solution.

    Palm's solution is the same one they tell me every 6-9 months when this blows up...they want me to create a new user name and hard reset the device and export/import all my entries...etc... of course that works for 6-9 months and then it goes crazy again. There has to be a better solution.

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