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    Quote Originally Posted by 2000 Man
    The major speed/lag problems are here too. Every 700p has the problem.
    In a way, this could be good. It's probably easier for Palm to come up with a solution to a universal problem than one which only seems to occur on particular units with differing configurations.

    OTOH, such universal problems should have been detected (and fixed!) during beta testing. I am coming to the conclusion, however, that Palm does not subject these devices to any substantial beta testing. They seem to go right from alpha to production.
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    Could it be the call log becoming too large? Does someone want to clear the call log and try?

    As for updates, if this was a problem on the 650 and its not fixed, then why would they have an update that fixes it on the 700?

    I think this thread has answered the question of whether I would upgrade to the 700p.
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    what's this TakePhone app? and is it free?
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    I'm using it now and it seems to have really helped the phone app lad issue. I downloaded the trial version today and it works great. someone else should give it a shot and see if it clears up their lag issues as well.
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    I don't think there is such as thing as a "free" Palm app... I wonder sometimes how much folks here have spent on software to replace the built-in software that has been deemed to be so inadequate. Hundreds of dollars no doubt... every little utility, every little thing costs $20... I don't have money to spend like that.
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    I get this lag, too. The phone is kind of laggy. Sigh.
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    TakePhone interesting development here. How have i never heard of this? I downloaded it and am giving it a try. I'll report back soon. I do agree that it is criminal that we should have to buy this, but if it works, it will be well worth the money. I just can't stand the headaches of dealing with VZW and Palm reps any more. For $20 I'd be completely psyched to get rid of this problem.
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