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    This damn phone is so slow and with all of the 2-3 seconds lags it is driving me nuts. I believe it is worse when in the phone app. I know pxa doesn't play right with the 700. Is there any other options for improving the speed and reducing the lag? I have tried pxa, and rlock they didn't do anything. Does the dbcache app have any improvements?

    The whole thing that attacted me to the palm years ago os was its simplicity, and speed of launching apps, and it stability. This phone is like a earlier windows ce device I used to have.
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    Quote Originally Posted by danspalmone
    OK, Palm apologists, what are we doing wrong? Is this what we deserve for buying the 700p at the time of release? I guess we should assume that this 4th generation of Treos should be so flawed? Should we have expected MAJOR bugs with the most essential, basic of applications...the friggen' app that allows us to make calls??? Unacceptable. There is no excuse whatsoever for this. I'm not looking forward to my blood boiling when the first person chimes in with an excuse for Palm.

    On a more productive note, how long does it usually take for ROM updates to come out after a phone is released? What's the best method of bringing this thread to the attention of VZW and Palm? (I'm on VZW.)
    I would imagine 4-6 months for a new rom update!
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    Quote Originally Posted by morningstar1844
    I would imagine 4-6 months for a new rom update!
    I don't think it'll be that long. Remember, the way palm went about the 700, they released the 700w first and exclusively for 6 months to test the waters, and the 700p is probably selling faster now than the 700w was before. The PalmOS based Treo (I would imagine) is their bread and butter. Plus, if they want their rumored linux based OS to be successful, then they wouldn't want to increase WM5 marketshare by providing little or no support for the PalmOS.

    It's only been a few weeks, these things normally take about 1-2 months. I'd imagine they also need a good supply of complaints filed by people on the carriers so that they can start weeding out bugs.
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    I frequently have major, major lags - sometimes as long as three minutes - after I send SMS messages.
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    I really do wonder about who is actually testing these devices. Palm has had plenty of time to discover how the Treo is much slower. That slowness is what is cause the delays in apps and the skipping in pocket tunes. Moreover, for people on Sprint the OnDemand Application doesn't work right (especially getting directions).
    I can forgive incompatability with 3rd party apps, but come one, how hard is it to test the functions of the built in apps.

    I really hope this is something that can be fixed and not a product of crappy slow memory modules.
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    I haven't experienced any lags that you people speak of, but I've had my 700p for barely two days. I've made several calls and never experienced this. Is it possible that it is a function if signal strength or some such variable?

    One thing that does annoy me is that I can call myself and disconnect after I hear one ring on the caller side, but my Treo continues to ring for 30 seconds before saying "missed call". During that period of time if I select ANSWER it throws me directly into the add contact screen which I never see if I'm in the process of putting the phone to my ear, at which point I hear nothing and think wtf?

    Bought mine on 6/13.

    SW version: 1.06
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    Is anyone getting resets when answering calls? My phone app completely crashed today when I attempted to answer a call.

    I've been getting random resets too. If I could find a program that would log any errors that would be great, but the only one I've found won't work on the 700.
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    my phone app doesnt lag but my CALENDAR does! soo annoying...

    what's worse is that ive experienced problems making phone calls. when i dial a number, it seems like its TRYING to make the call but it never gets to the DIAL screen, it just drops... it happens often and THAT is sooo frustrating. and it began after i installed lightwav. ended up deleting it and eventually doing a hard reset, and a clean install. it doesnt happen as frequently but often enough to drive you up the wall.

    should i return the phone for a new one??
    my battery draining situation is driving me crazy too.
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    I think I will return mine for a new one while I'm still in the 15 day period. If nothing else it sends a message to both VZW and Palm that somehting is wrong with these things. What I dont understand is why this isn't happening to everyone. Why only a few (granted a large number, but certainly not everyone) of us?
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    Lets noe forget guys that the all treo to date had major flaws when first released, I am not saying it is ok, but it happened. The 700w was horrible until the first update was released I think 3-6 after first release.

    I will opt to take mine back on Friday (that is the 14th day) and try another, I need the EVDO, otherwise would stick with the 650. The 700w that I had before this was stable after the update, but I hated the WM5 and missed the threaded sms to much.
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    Didn't have the phone lag until today. This is after three week's use. This morning the wife calls and I can't hear her but she heard me. Plus, the bluetooth [Plantronics 640 which has worked perfectly before] is buzzing. I shut off the headset and go to call her back and get the famous lag. Pi$$ed me off heartily. The screen does its funny little dance because I've pressed several keys.

    I call VZW this afternoon, and they say to soft reset, followed by hard reset, and give it a couple days. Unfortunately, I'm outside the 15 day window or would have sent the sucker back. The creaky key problem is nothing compared to telephone malfunction. This reminds me of a bad experience with a brand new LG phone a while back, the vx6100. That one had major rom problems that didn't get fixed for many months. No more new model phones for me. No, sir! I'll let the beta testers get through first.

    Will post back when I resolve this [or not]....
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    Get used to it. The 700p has some serious speed issues and the firmware update can't be expected for at least 3 more months. It took a lot longer than that to fix the 650's problems after it was released.
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    I posted elsewhere -- I went from a 700w to xv6700 then to a 700p and finally happy. However, the first 700p I brought home had creaky/soft keys on the left hand side and the backlight was inconsistent -- most of the keyboard was slightly pink with the exception of the upper right corner. This really bugged me, so I took it back and made the manager pull out several units until I found one I liked.

    The one I'm keeping has a nice, uniform backlight color (blue/white) and firm keys with no creaking. It's apparent there are some differences between units. The 700w I had previously was just fine, so I wonder why this is happening with the 700p. I wonder if the differences between units may also have to do with why some people are experiencing delays/problems and others aren't?

    Honestly, I haven't seen any delays in the phone application and have used it several times today. Maybe this is just something that happens over time. My red light came on solid for no reason while I was surfing the net, though, which alarmed me a little but then it went away eventually. What's that all about?
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    Add me to the list Very sad
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    Removing Butler seemed to help me out. I suspect it's not quite compatible with the 700p. Otherwise, the 700p seems to be more stable than the 650 that I also bought recently. The 650 seemed to reset itself a few times a day.
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    I got a question....i know there will be rom updates in following months...but did they even acknowledge this issue of unresponsive-ness and delays with treo700p..yet...???????
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    I am having this issue too and its not just in the phone application...

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    It's getting worse for me. I'd say it happens at least 25 to 30% of the time now, although it feels like 50%. Sometimes it is just a short pause--maybe a half to one second. But many other times it is several seconds to what feels like eternity. Today I was trying to hang up on a call when I heard the voicemail so the person I was calling didn't have to get and listen to a new voicemail (we have an understanding that we just know to call each other back so no messages need to be left or checked.) I couldn't disconnect before the beep. Terrible. I'm going to call VZW on Friday and ask for a replacement. This problem seems to get worse over time. And I'll repeat that I have NO THIRD PARTY APPS.

    Such a tragedy. I haven't had a single reset. Palm, you were so close!
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    I too have been experiencing the obnoxious delays you all have been discussing with the phone app. As a business tool the 700p takes a step back in usability with this "flaw." however, what worked for me was downloading the "TakePhone" app today. For some reason, using this app as the standard phone app on the 700p really sped things up for me. Just my 2c.
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    The major speed/lag problems are here too. Every 700p has the problem.
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