Hi all,

I have a Treo 650 and used Ptunes to copy a bunch of my CD's to the
external card. Works great. Ptunes has randomization so I never hear them
in the same sequence, which to me is important.

I wanted to download pay-per-songs as a way to save money over having
to go buy CD's where I only like one song on the CD.

So I used my subscription to Rhapsody to download a set of songs and sync
them to my Treo 650. Worked well.

The issue is that it downloaded them as Realplayer. So now I have a bunch
of songs in Realplayer on the Treo and a bunch of songs in Ptunes.

I want them ALL in Ptunes because it is a superior player to Realplayer.

Anyone know if it's possible to convert them or tell Ptunes to read them
into its song list? So far, it simply can't even see the Realplayer songs
in its (Ptunes) song list.