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    Hey everyone, sorry if this is a newbie type question. I loaded up mRing onto my Treo. Now, I tried sending a ringtone to my phone and d/l'd it through Blazer. However, when it finished downloading, it said that I didn't have an SD inserted so it couldn't save. Do I need to have the SD card to save any files? Why can't I save the file onto my Treo's memory? Or am I missing something here?

    Sorry for the question, this is my first PDA so I'm definitely lost with everything.
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    How large is the mp3? Could there be a ceiling on the size of file that is stored in memory?
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    It was around 540kb, around a 30 second clip of a song I wanted to use.

    I have a new Treo so nothing is on it yet, still have the 22+ MB left of default memory that comes with the Treo.
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    I think, by default, mp3's are sent to the card because they must be converted to a .pdb to be recognized in RAM.

    You should get an SD card anyway (bigger the better) - that 22MB goes away pretty quick as you start exploring all the great things your Treo can do.
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    ^^ Thanks for the info. Yeah, I definitely need to get an SD card asap.

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