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    One thing I noticed when I first got my 700p is that it just didn't feel as solid and well-built as the 650 did. After careful examination I realized that the problem was primarily the battery cover. It felt loose and flimsy. I noticed two things at first. Number one, the plastic used on the 700p is thinner and number two, the cover on the 650 is more curved which makes it stronger.

    But what I didn't notice at first is that stuck to the back on the inside of the 650s battery cover is a little felt or foam pad. I very carefully peeled it off of the 650's battery cover (it didn't want to come off in one piece) and stuck it on the 700p's battery cover. I was very surprised that it made a huge difference in the feel of the 700p. It doesn't feel quite as solid as the 650 did but it's close.

    Of course, if you don't have an old 650 from which to take the pad you can fashion your own from something around the house.

    It really does make a difference! Hope some folks find this tip useful.
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    I stick scotch tape on the inside of the cover and it form fits much tighter, mo solid.
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    Why the hell did they make this mistake again? This was an issue before and that is where the felt pad came from.
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    The Seidio extended battery has the same effect. It's a tiny bit bigger, so it keeps the cover from rattling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mal5z
    The Seidio extended battery has the same effect. It's a tiny bit bigger, so it keeps the cover from rattling.
    I second that!
    My 2, it's all I can spare
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeeter
    I second that!
    I concur as well. Slip on a skin case and it also adds to a more solid feel.
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    I never felt this with my 700p, but it's probably because I used the seidio 2400 from day 1 that I had been using with my 650. Nice tip though.
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    Stick a $20 bill in there for a firmer cover and emerency cash.
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    coming from a vm4050 (notorious for its flimsy battery cover), this thing feels like a tank
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    Sorry to hijack this thread, but I didn't get much response from a dedicated thread with the question: how has people experiences with the seidio battery been? does it actually seem to provide 20 or 33% more (2200mAh and 2400mAh, respectively) juice?
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    Actually my experience is the opposite .. the 650 feels more flimsy. My first one didn't have the pad in the back, the 2nd 650 had the felt pad and it was better. When I got the 700p, one of the first things I noticed was that the battery cover felt more solid.
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    Oddly, it took a couple days for my 2400 to feel any different from the Palm battery, but that was probably because I was making a point of draining and filling it a couple times at the beginning, and I had no point of comparison since I used to top off the Palm battery constantly. Now that I am topping off the 2400 constantly, just as I used to do with the Palm battery, it feels to me like the 2400 is, in fact, significantly better than my recollection of the Palm battery. I'm very happy with it.
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    700 definitely has a more flimsy battery cover. I used some scotch tape about 4 or 5 layers seems to be working well matter of fact night and day. No creaking of loose fit now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vRob
    Stick a $20 bill in there for a firmer cover and emerency cash.
    I like this idea!
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    I would also agree that the 700p doesn't feel as solid as the 650. My 650 GSM model has been in use for 16 months and still feels more solid. I exchanged my Verizon 700p yesterday and the new one is much better but still not perfect. The first had the creaky battery cover and very very creaky power, mail, and home buttons. The battery cover on the new one doesn't creak but is very very slightly loose on the left side (foam would probably fix this) and the power button doesn't creak, but the mail and home button still creak slightly. The new one has a center button that isn't as good also, it seems to more recessed and is slightly harder to reach and push. Overall very under impressed with the 700p from a build standpoint. That combined with the key layout which I hate compared to the 650 (why put the menu on the bottom? Why put power where the menu used to be so I keep shutting it off all the time? Why put the home where the power used to be? Why have the phone button no longer bring up the recent call?) is making me question whether I want to keep this.
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    My first 700p (VZW) had very creaky home and power buttons, and a high-pitched hiss in the ear piece that some others have reported. I swapped it out today and the new one has very solid buttons and no hiss, but the keyboard backlight is not as bright? Overall I am very happy with it (especially coming from the 700w...), but the build variations are quite surprising, and a bit alarming.
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    Pickup a set of those self-stick felt pads (thin as you can get) created for preventing scratches to furniture - 1/2" size on each of the "corners" of the battery cover, up near where the tabs are.

    This exact problem was obvious on the Treo 650's - guess Palm didn't have it in their punchlist to correct this time around either... (whaddya want for $700.00...)
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    I use a piece of paper folded three times for my 650. One thing on your 650 if you've had it awhile, the Torx screws get a bit loose and an occasional tightening helps the fit and feel issue as well. (Be careful not to over tighten).

    My Sprint 700p battery cover fits perfectly, no modification was needed. (Although I may stick a $50 in their for emergency cash).
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    God forbid, but if you lose your Treo, someone is a treo and $50 richer.
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    Bump, just in case other users find this tip useful.
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