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    I am wondering whether my expectations are incorrect or I am doing something incorrectly.

    I was under the impression that with the streaming video capabilities within Blazer that I should be able to open and view most streaming sites which support windows media player formats wma, wmv? On some of the sites I get a little PLAY button which should tell me this is a recognized format. But when I select play one of three things happens?

    I get an unsupported format message, error 404 or the connecting message comes up and never connects.

    Is this supposed to work or are there limitations on this. Perhaps Verizon doesn't support the streaming video?

    Also I have tried ORB with the "" site to see how it would work. I have selected speed of 125K, supported players of Windows Media Player or 3GP. I am only able to get the audio but no video. I try this on my computer and it works fine. It seems like there are a lot of internet TV sites on ORB but they all require either WMP or Realplayer neither of which I have on my 700P.

    Verizon tech support does not support streaming video questions so hopefully someone can help me with these newbie questions. (and yes I have looked through the other threads for a tutorial and couldn't find one).


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    Re-Try Orb with this link first:

    Try # 3 and then try the special Kinoma settings link
    Then copy your own settings and match these to the test server.

    Does that work?

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