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    well, I have been tinkering around with this phone for nearly 2 weeks now.

    Just so you know-

    I did an ESN swap- had grandfathered vision

    I installed the hack, used the phone through BT, USB (with PCS data connection,) and did pdanet.... not a single charge to my account for this usage, nada, zip.

    Was "the hack" successful? Can other confirm what my latest bill seems to imply?
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    Here's my post about my expirience with ESN swap
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    treodub- re-read my post- I did an ESN swap only and kept my grandfathered vision. No new plan was added.
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    Did the same as you. I'm awaiting my bill too, I'm crossing my fingers.
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    I would like to see if anyone with some variation of a Power Vision plan has been hit with tethering charges.

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    Quote Originally Posted by migs
    Did the same as you. I'm awaiting my bill too, I'm crossing my fingers.
    I also did the same and I have been using the hacked tethered mode. Read my lips "NO NEW CHARGES"
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    how much is your usage??? did you do a lot of tethering or just occasionally? I probably used about 200 MB past 2 week (just viewing web site no major download) I used the hack and still waiting for my bill to come on 23rd of this month. we shall see if I got hit. LOL
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    about 300MB
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    wowowowowo so I guess I should be fine

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