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    Well after using the Yahoo Intellisync for years on my palmpilot.
    I have upgraded to the 700P and have tried everything including pulling my hair out to get it to sync.
    No luck. If I have Intellysinc installed it keeps telling me that conflicting PIM are trying to update and won't sync.

    I have attempted multiple combinations, nothing.
    If anyone has an idea of how to fix this. Please tell me or if you know of a different program that can allow me to sync with my Yahoo based calendar and contacts..

    Thank you in advance.
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    Did you try requesting help from Intellisync? The Palm Hotsync works only with Palm Desktop or MS Outlook unless someone else had successfully sync it with other PIMs.
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    I've not used the Yahoo product on the device, per se.

    I use Intellisync for Yahoo! on my desktop to sync outlook to Yahoo, and I sync my 700p to outlook. This allows me to not only publish my schedule out via Yahoo Calendar (for those who care), but it makes it very easy to import contacts/notes/calendar/tasks into a new computer (or between multiple computers).

    Note that at last as long as I've done it, you have to use outlook and not Palm Desktop on the PC -- with Palm Desktop and INstallisync for Yahoo! the sync actually bypasses the PC and is flowed right to Yahoo (which, if you don't care about having a copy on your PC, is okay, I suppose)

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    Thanks for the reply,
    I definitely want to give this a shot.
    I have never synced my 700p to the outlook. How do you go about doing that? Also, I am not sure if I have ever seen an option in Intellisync that allows syncing to outlook.

    Do you bypass having to use Palm Desktop alltogether?
    Thanks a lot for your help.

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    To sync with Outlook, go to Programs>Palm>PIM Conduit sync>sync with Outlook. This bypasses the sync with Palm Desktop for PIM only.
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