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    is there a way to transfer files from a digital camera to a treo with a 2g sd memory card without a laptop? going to jamaica for my honey moon in 3 weeks. don't want to take my laptop. getting my fist treo (650) tomorrow.
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    If you're talking about taking pictures on the camera and then sending them to the Treo, that would be possible if the camera supported IR or Bluetooth, although it would be quite slow. Otherwise, I don't believe there's any other way to do it...

    If the camera supports SD, I would just put the SD in the camera and use that to take pictures.
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    Not being rude but curious, why you would want to do that?
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    I would assume that dphouse wants to show pictures of friends/family/wedding to people he will be meeting in Jamaica (different friends who couldn't get to the wedding, would be my guess). Storing the pictures on the phone obviates the need to bring a laptop, photo CD, or printed pictures. If dphouse is bringing the phone for communication, why not drop extra files on the card to share memories? If prints are desired, it's simple to use the SD card to go to a digital printing location.

    Like Trevante said, unless your camera has a wireless connection that is compatible with the Treo, you are pretty much SOL. That is assuming that your camera doesn't use an SD card to begin with. I don't know if you can simply swap an SD card from a camera to a Treo (not sure of the formatting used by a camera), but it would be worth a try. You'll probably need Filez to navigate to the proper folder, since cameras use different folder structures than Treos.

    If your camera doesn't use an SD card, it shouldn't be difficult to sync selected pictures to the SD card using the Palm quick installer app. You'll have to sync anyways, so why not copy the pictures from the camera to the computer?
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    Moving back and forth - the 600. You can sync, but that really is slow. You can use programs that move things for you, such as Palm File Browser, that is almost as slow. The item to look at - a card reader. They are cheap. They are fast. They work. Ben
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    i was trying to alleviate bringing my laptop with me to jamaica. our digital camera dosn't take the same size card, and i didn't want to have to buy a bigger one if i didn't have too. i was trying to use the treo for storage and previewing only.

    it just seems to me that if the files are on the camera and you can view files on the treo, there must be a wat to transfer directly from camera to the treo.

    ...but maybe there isn't.

    the camera is a canon power shot and has data cable adapters and what not.
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    (I could have sworn I replied to this thread earlier...)

    Camera to Treo won't be possible if the camera doesn't have a wireless transfer method that is compatible with the Treo (IR or Bluetooth). To avoid carrying the bulk of a laptop, you could get a multi-card reader and borrow the computer of a local. You only need a USB port and an OS coded in the last 5 years. It would allow you to copy from one card to another, but it could be a little intrusive for your gracious host if you spend a long time at their computer. Then again, you could visit an Internet cafe...

    One thing though: I thought that Canon digital cameras used MMC or SD cards, both of which are compatible with the Treo. Maybe you have an older model, but when I went shopping with my father in law for his new camera in April, his Canon came with an MMC card, and I gave him my old 256MB SD card.
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    thanks for all the help. it does take a memory card but it is much bigger for some reason. the camera is aout 3 yrs old at most.

    really liking this forum btw. nice to see peeps help out!
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    Some Canons use Compact Flash, which is pretty big.
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    Dayum! I hate how geeky this makes me appear, but if your Canon camera uses Compact Flash, you might want to try a CF adapter that accepts SD cards (like the one shown here). It's not an ideal solution, but it seems to be the most logical stogap solution, allowing you to use a single SD card for both devices.

    Hope this helps.

    A Type I adapter won't work, as the SD card will stick out from the adapter, preventing you from closing the card door on your camera.

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