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    What do you guys use (if anything) to protect your screens? Does the protection take away from the clarity of the screens?
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    Many use screen protectors. For a $500+ device, using one is a no brainer. Try BoxWave's ClearTouch. You can't tell they're on the screen once they're installed.
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    I highly recommend the ones from They're in Orange County right next door to me and have always had great service.
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    The crystal clear ones from Boxwave are very nice. However, finger prints do show up on them easily.
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    Yeah, but you don't have to worry about scratching your screen when you clean a BoxWave ClearTouch with any kind of non-abrasive cloth, even if there's a little dust on the cloth.
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    I've tried the screen protectors from Treocentral and they made my screen look grainy. Does the Boxwave protector look pretty clear or is it a bit grainy as well?
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    Boxwave has a "Crystal" version and an Anti-glare version. The anti-glare might effect the look of the screen somewhat, but the crystal is supposed to be very clear. I just ordered one of these today.
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    I think that Brando ones are the best. I think they're also the most expensive and take the longest to receive since it's from hong kong. But still, only the best for my treo!

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