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    Current configuration-
    700P on Sprint
    Mac mini running missing sync
    Using Ical and Mac address book
    Using Agendus

    I am now on my second phone. The first one went into the endless loop of death at the end of every hotsync requiring hard reset. This new phone was fine for a 5 days until it froze up while playing Scrabble. This required a hard reset. Upon restore, it went into the endless loop of death and is now unhotsyncable. Any ideas, suggestions. I am ready to tear my hair out!~!
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    I had similar experiences... What do you have installed on the Treo, other than Agendus??
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    Agendus kills the 700p.....the loop of death wont go away unless u do a hard reset
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    Agendus, Scrabble and AOL mail program are the only programs besides the missing sync.
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    Agreed, removing Agendus cleared it up for me.
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    I have Agendus Standard (without the email) and not even a soft reboot in 2 weeks, which is when i bought the 700p.

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