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    I just received my 700P and want to upgrade my case. I really like my Covertec horizontal case, but the leather on the end of the clip has worn away exposing the underlying metal. Net result: scratched belts.

    Other than this, I would buy another. I did buy the new Seido holster, but find it pokes me in the side and is not "wearing while driving" friendly.

    Any suggestions on a new horizontal case or others with this Covertec experience?
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    No side horizontal case is going to be very car friendly.. It's just too high on the hip and too long.

    I like my P6 case. Looks nice, strong magnets in the flap, fits nicely without a skin, can easily be stretched to fit a skinned Treo (my preference), etc.
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    I hear great things about this one, and plan to get it myself.
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    The Palm one looks nice, but it has a similar clip as the covertec which wore out. Maybe this is just to be expected with daily use -- I must have gotten my covertec almost 2 1/2 years ago and wear it daily.

    In terms of horizontal cases, I find them more car friendly than the holster style that have a vertical orientation and a hard plastic clip that seems to always poke me in the side!
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    I would recommend the covertec case as well. I have been using mine since the Treo 600.
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    Have you had any problems with the leather wearing out on the clip?
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    Has anyone tried the Covertec case with a Palm skin on the Treo?
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    I purchased the Seno Combo case. (It is still in the mail )

    I know the horizontal case has the same type of clip as the one that fell apart on you but not all of them will fall apart at the same "rate". It would all depend on the maker and the strength of the stitching.
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