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    Quote Originally Posted by airlimp
    Thanks - they're working on it as we speak. Is Goodlink officially supporting the e61 now?
    With 4.9, yes.
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    I've been watching this thread because I have a user based in the UK and he's dying to get an E61 but is holding off because the Good website still says (coming soon) next to it. He's hounding me because I guess you can get this device over there already. He's a former GL user with a Treo but had to dump the Treo. I have everything at 4.9 (clients, console, message server) and I don't see the client either. Exactly what would be called in the list? And does this mean I can tell my UK guy to go ahead and get his E61? We do everything OTA.
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    WHen he does OTA, the get.good website knows what kinda of device he has and it will send the right one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GoodGuy
    WHen he does OTA, the get.good website knows what kinda of device he has and it will send the right one.
    That's good to know, pun intended. I have another question about upgrading versions but I'll start another thread for that.
    Firmware: 1.51
    Software: Treo650-1.17-CNG
    Hardware: A
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    By the way, the B;ackberry carrying case for the 8700 (the leather one on the Blackberry website) is great for the e61 as well.
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    My service is with Cingular, the goodlink is loaded on and working. Periodically throughout the day, I lose data capabilities (won't receive e-mails or have access to the internet) and need to restart the phone in order to restore it. Anybody have something like this and is there a way to fix it? I had the Bberry 8700c before this and never had this issue (same Cingular service).
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    never had this issue

    my e61 hasnt frozen once since i got it in May

    and i use it a lot
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    GoodLink for Nokia E61 bug list - can anyone else add to this list?

    Some small bugs found after 2 weeks of rigorous testing on 5 different networks with 2 different sim cards in 4 different countries and on 5 different GSM/3G networks - VF UK, VF AU, VF NL, SmarTone, Telstra with Goodlink for E61.

    1. Contacts: If entering numbers and keypad is in auto number mode (no need for alt key) then try to enter other non number fields it stays in auto number mode

    2. Tasks: When selecting low priority task the down arrow disappears in column list but high priority red exclamation mark still shown when highlighted

    3. Calendar: Changing all day events to timed keeps the (f) in the title and event stays white

    4. Shortcuts: The manual says (Version 4.9 - Symbian Series 60 - page 104
    "Good Launcher c, t, n, p Opens Contacts, Tasks, Notes, Preferences,respectively"

    t,c,n etc shortcuts don't work from good launcher as outlined in the Symbian user manual from the Good launcher

    5. Network Connection: Application periodically does not connect to server and deliver new mail - a check for this is to send yourself an email and the 'message sending" icon on the top status bar stays on.

    Nice to haves

    changing folders - make the folders the 1st item to change not the sort order when accessing the email screen

    Calendar - show monthly calendar as drop down as per PPC version and show calendar when entering dates rather than just the date.
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    It doesnt actually freeze, everything works except for the data (unlike my treos, this hasnt frozen since I got mine in May either!). Do you have Cingular also? I'm going swap out for a new SIM card, hopefully it's as simple as that.

    Unrelated question - Goodlink works great, when the admin loaded it on, my calendar and contatcs are not the default ones for the phone, I have to access through Goodlink.

    1. Is this possible?
    2. Is there an easy way to do this without having to reinstall Good?

    Any help would be appreciated,

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    Jeepik, or anyone with a Nokia E61 who is using Cingular - Can I trouble you to send me the settings that you have? I'm still having issues where I lose data capabilities. When I go to the connection manager, it says that it's "connecting" to CINGULAR INTERNET, though it never does reconnect w/out restarting it. Ironically enough, the phone works fine when I lose the data capabilities.
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